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Alejandro Borrego


Alejandro Borrego has 15 years of experience specialized in high end residential. He gained experience working for renowned architectural companies including Guz Architects, Andy Fisher Workshop, and CGS Architects. Since then he has carried out a wide variety of projects in countries including Spain, New Zealand, Burma, the Maldives, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. In 2014 his Atelier has been based in Indonesia.


Maurizio Moeis


Studio Director

Bringing his nearly a decade of experience in hospitality and residential design, Maurizio started to direct the team in 2019. Having worked on worldwide projects, he has gained a significant understanding of managing projects. He values the strength of individual’s uniqueness in a team. For him, sustainability in architecture can be achieved by considering the locality of materials provided by the community surrounding the site of the project.


Cista Suryani


Studio Manager

Cista joined the Atelier in 2018. Having worked as a project architect for numerous residential, beach houses, hotels, and restaurants, she gained valuable intuition in improving her own style of design and vast understanding of detailing that goes along with it. Cista strives to always make sure the designs are built as they were planned. 


Marvin Chandra


Marvin’s eye for conceptual and 3D render understanding brings intrinsic value to the team. He gained his experience in architecture after working as a lecturer assistant and architect in a housing developer in Bali. His passion for 3D visualisation gives him a drive to continuously improve his skills as an architect. Marvin perceives the role of an architect as the bridge between people, nature, and society.


Lia Resyana


Lia joined the Atelier in 2018. Her approach in contemporary architecture was established through her experience working on precisely detailed drawings and drawing management in Bali. Having worked on several high-end residential projects making her understanding of architectural details exceptional.


Wahyudi Putra


After 11 years practicing architecture with a bamboo construction background, Wahyudi joined the team in 2018. He worked on several private and luxurious residences and hospitality projects throughout his career in Bali. As an architect, Wahyudi understands the principal procedures of a project and construction process.

Eka P.jpg

Eka Prasidhanta


Eka graduated in 2018 from Gajah Mada University. His passion in high-end residential architecture got him to join the team in 2019. He gained his experience through working on several competitions throughout his time in university. Eka’s view towards architecture is to bring solutions to living environments.


Theresia Rendri


After returning from Brisbane, Theresia joined the Atelier with her 9 years of experiences. She has been responsible for numerous high end projects in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, and India. With her experiences, creativity, and insight, she brings problem solving methods to the team.


Claudia Sarah

Studio Administrator

With a degree in International Relations, Claudia brings her knowledge as the studio’s administrator. Her role in the Atelier is handling day to day items and completing the team as a whole.