Atelier Alejandro Borrego




sustainable luxury

Alejandro Borrego’s early background in draftsmanship and construction makes him expressly equipped to design, manage, and oversee all of his projects from start to completion. Because the Atelier is a small team of specialists only a few projects are taken on a year. This exclusivity allows us to work closely with all of our clients to make their dreams a reality in designing not simply houses but true homes.

Atelier Alejandro Borrego has 16 year of experience in architecture and interior design and has been specifically focused on luxury sustainable projects for the past 9 years. Living and working in Lombok and Bali Islands has given us a refined understanding of local materials, climate, and traditional architecture that allows us to harmoniously assimilate modernism with the traditional island wisdom.

The Atelier is dedicated to an architecture of pure elements in dialogue with nature and the individual character of location that emphasizes intelligent and sustainable design. We are keenly aware of the architectural impact we have on our planet, and are committed to delivering solutions that achieve the highest quality.

Villa Sorgas, Lombok

Villa Sorgas, Lombok